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Hi there, my name is Alex Gaggioli and this is my blog Occasionally Alex. 

About the blog: 

Occasionally I feel like nothing and other times I feel like everything! I wanted to create a blog that helps me explore my passions and share my perspective. Like most people, I have done a lot of different things and I think it would be hindering to limit this blog to one facet of my being. 

Quick snapshot of things I have occasionally was at some point or am today: 

  • camp counselor 
  • Burger King employee 
  • college graduate  
  • LGBT activist 
  • college student 
  • roommate
  • son 
  • cat owner 
  • social media addict 
  • employed adult (YES) 
  • technology enthusiast (nerd)
  • international pop sensation (still working on this one) 
  • etc.  

This is the narration of my adventure. 

About Alex: 

Again, my name is Alex Gaggioli and I recently graduated from the University of San Diego. Go Toreros! 

I now hold a fancy piece of paper that says I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration; Marketing. 

I am truly passionate about social media and how it connects people from around the world. I spend a lot of time on the internet reading, researching and writing about how digital marketing influences just about everything these days. 

I have been obsessed with technology (mainly consumer electronics) since a very young age. Today, that obsession has manifested into a fascinating career in marketing. I work for technology startups that make the world better and a more fun place to live in. 

In college, I worked as an intern for several startups in the San Diego area ranging from mobile apps to digital healthcare to hospitality management. 

Tune into my blog to see what's got me going.  

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