Occasionally Artsy

My favorite part about social media is that it is fantastic for finding interesting people. Instagram has introduced me to so many interesting photographers and artists, one of which is DABSMYLA

DABSMYLA is an Australian couple living in Los Angeles. I came across their Instagram account after they created the set for the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Ever since, I have religiously followed them and even got Jeff to (literally) buy into the obsession. Their style and meticulous attention to detail is truly remarkable. 

Their latest installation Before & Further opened last weekend in LA and involved completely re-painting a stand-alone 1930 built Spanish Revival workplace building. The building is located on Modernica's factory property. Modernica creates furniture and worked with DABSMYLA to create some original pieces found in the installation.

Inside the incredible exhibition, you will find paintings, sculptures, and other fun stuff like a record player and a music bumping dark room filled with neon paint. In other words, there are hundreds of Instagram-worthy moments. 

The majority of the works in the building were for sale and had already been SOLD before we go there, just over 24 hours after they opened. 

Before and Further is open until November 15th. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth the trip. You can find more information here.  


Occasionally Fired Up

If you are a technology, social media, marketing, and/or entrepreneurial-minded individual, you need to read this post. 

You know every now and again when something gets you REALLY fired up? Your head fills with ideas, motivation levels rise, and you just want to do something. Well, that happened to me a few weeks ago. 

While many things excite me, people and ideas are my favorite. There’s nothing quite like someone with contagious, excitable energy to motivate and encourage your best self. 

Two or three weeks ago, I clicked on a video called the “Ask Gary Vee Show” via an Inc tweet.  The video featured entrepreneur extraordinaire Gary Vaynerchuck spewing off answers to community asked questions. Gary is best described as a firecracker. He is smart, passionate, and hard-hitting. After completing school, he took his family's wine business from $6-30m in just a few years. He now owns and operates Vayner Media, a social-first digital media agency that helps big brands like Monopoly and Dove. Casual stuff really.  His web series just passed 150 videos and in the past two weeks I think I’ve watched 45 of them. 

He answers questions on many things, but most common topics include: 

  • business
  • entrepreneurship
  • social media
  • digital marketing
  • tech
  • market trends
  • and most importantly, The New York Jets 

So in short, he talks about everything I am innately passionate about. I fell in love with him one minute and forty-two seconds into the first video I saw. Episode 71, at 1:42. I just checked. Here it is.

The question: “Trader Joe’s has a cult-like following with no social media presences. What are your thoughts?” 

His answer: Trader Joe’s is simply leaving action on the table. As many of you know, the grocery store has a cult-like following. It would be totally natural for them to be all over social media and engage in ongoing conversations. But, while they may find it cool and hip to be socially silent, they’re missing a huge opportunity. 

Many brands have cult-like followings (Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods, Nordstrom, etc) and recognize the importance of great marketing. There are plenty of case studies on how great businesses become better through smart marketing. 

Great marketing doesn’t solve a business’ problem, but it can accelerate a business’ greatness. 

And I totally agree. If you have a fantastic product that people love, add fuel to the fire and provide more value via social media! 

I will spare you and refrain from going full on social media nerd right now. But, if you are interested, I am more than happy to have a discussion. 

After I heard Gary give such straight-forward, down-to-earth advice in rapid fire, I was hooked. As I said, I’ve seen about 40 videos and now I want to share them with you. 

In Episode 129, Gary turns into The Share Monster. He provides a lot of value for free and all he asks for in return is engagement and distribution. He calls people who don’t share 'lurkers'. And when he says lurkers, he says it with such utter distaste that it will make you cringe.  


SO GARY VEE. Here’s a blog post. I have already shared a handful of his videos with colleagues and other friends who would find his advice useful. But, there are many more people who should experience the greatness, so I offer to you this humble blog post. 

Some of my other favorite shooooooooooow moments: 

  • Every business has the opportunity to provide value with content, even a tow truck company
  • You will only know if a platform (Snapchat, Periscope, etc.) is worthy of your time if you give it a try. Your business is not exactly the same as another, so use your own best judgment. 
  • If you’re not providing value to your audience with value, you’re not going to win 
  • 6 minutes for the rest of your life — A Rant
  • Overnight Success (below) 

After spending the past two weeks digesting his content, my mind has been in a constant whirlwind. 

  • How can I use this advice at work (Cloudbeds)? 
  • How can I use this information to grow professionally? 
  • How do I take over the world? 
  • How do I pair together my passions to create something impactful? 

I have a few ideas, and after talking with my own in-house entrepreneur, Jeff, I am excited to start working on a new project. More to come on that later. 

Okay, that’s it for now. Go watch Gary’s videos. Follow him on the Twitter. Like him on the Facebook.  

Now, do me a favor and share this post ;) 

24 Hours in San Francisco With My Rose Gold iPhone 6s

I spent 24 hours in San Francisco with the new iPhone. I thought it would be fun to document the entire trip with Apple's latest feat. of engineering and test the new camera. 

The pictures below have not been retouched and I think it's safe to say the new camera is amazing. 


Occasionally 

Anybody who knows me is well aware that I’m a tad obsessed with Apple (along with just about everyone else). It's ironic because I used to be very anti-Apple and anti-iPhone because I had the first Android phone ever made. It was the HTC 1 and it was terrible. But, the first iPhone wasn’t so great either, so it was a level playing field at that point. Kinda. 

While every news outlet and pretend blogger (me) out there has covered the September 9th Apple keynote, I am here to list all the important highlights sans the tech jargon plus my sassy comments! ;)  

Everything Apple Announced 

Apple Watch OS2.

This affects like zero percent of the population because I know three people with an iWatch. But, Apple made basic updates to the operating system. They also created a bunch of new apps, including Stripe which is a HUGE game changer for digital health. It gives doctors the ability to measure their patients (who also have an Apple Watch) from outside the hospital in real time. Again, won’t affect the majority of people at this point, but since I interned at a digital health company, I need to mention it.  

Here is a quick snapshot of Apple Watch updates from Mashable’s Snapchat on the day of the release. If you haven’t seen their channel on the discover channel, you totes should! 

 Screenshot from Mashable's Snapchat Discover 

Screenshot from Mashable's Snapchat Discover 

Apple also announced a new partnership with Hermes to create a very stylish and ridiculously expensive leather band that only the bougiest can afford. 

 Apple watch feat. Hermès 

Apple watch feat. Hermès 

It looks nice. 

iPad Pro.

This is a mammoth sized iPad. The 12.9-inch screen is larger than the newest Macbook's display, which seems ridiculous.

This iPad is unlike its predecessors because it is built for business. It has four speakers instead of two and the new A9 processor gives it super powers. Apple also introduced an accompanying keyboard and… wait for it…. THE APPLE PENCIL. Can’t even make this stuff up. 

It is also true that Steve Jobs SWORE that Apple would never produce a stylus and that if they ever did, it would be the end. I would like to remind everyone that Steve Jobs was very dramatic and harsh. 

Also, there was this tweet today. Everything Apple has released since Jobs passed away was being worked on when he was alive. Maybe he’s just really good at PR………  

But really, the Apple Pencil is more than a stylus, the commercial showed it doing all sorts of fun drawing things that I will never be able to do, so I probz won’t be buying one. Also because I’m poor. 

Here’s another snapshot from Mashable’s Discover channel

 Screenshot from Mashable's Discover tab 

Screenshot from Mashable's Discover tab 

Say it with me… expen$sive. 

The iPad prices are listed above in the screenshot. 

Apple Pencil: $99

Smart Keyboard: $169

That means you're looking at over $1,000 for an iPad Pro, the fancy pencil and the keyboard. Wowza. 

So, like I said, because of its large size and price point, its target market is probably for savvy business people and 12 year olds with very nice parents. 

Apple TV

The Apple TV received a MUCH deserved upgrade. The Apple TV really is great. You can stream Netflix, hulu, HBO, baseball (?), etc, etc. Basically it’s a mini computer for your tv. But until the new release, the OS felt outdated and lacked the fun gimmicks Apple lovers seek. 

So, it got a fresh new look to match the rest of Apple products, think iOS7 and Yosemite. It is now a casual game console as well. It’s not going to take down XBOX or Playstation, but you can play a game with chickens that resembles Frogger. Super cool! (Actually super excited about this) 

The new device also lets you store more on it, like iTunes TV shows, videos and music…. who downloads anything anymore? I don't know, people were excited about this. 

Apple TV also got a fancy new remote that makes playing games possible and makes the whole experience better. The old remote was BS and using the remote app from an iOS device was a STRUGGLE. First world problems. Apple really is here to solve all my problems. 

The Apple TV is now much faster and stronger. It's ready to take on the Huns just like Mulan. 

Again, here is a snapshot from Mashable. 

 Snapshot from Mashable's Discover tab

Snapshot from Mashable's Discover tab



The most anticipated update of the event. 

Apple released the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Because this is an ’S’ year, that means the physical appearance of the phone has not changed. Apple changed the aluminum casing to be stronger and added a more durable glass (because of Bendgate no doubt). 

The one noticeable physical update…. ROSE GOLD. Which everyone and their mother is reporting is really a light shade of Pink. Honestly, I think I’m going to get it so everyone knows it’s a 6s. Plus, who doesn’t want to challenge gender roles in the most pretentious way possible…. ;). 

But, the latest iPhone received plenty of Internal updates. 

Most importantly in my opinion… 3D touch. Which until a few months ago was called force touch. It’s the same technology that the Apple Watch uses to tell difference between a tap, a long tap, and a forceful press. This sounds ridiculous but it’s actually awesome. 3D touch is basically the desktop right click for the mobile device. It enables shortcuts for apps. Of course, Facebook and Instagram already have apps that employ 3D touch to enable shortcuts to things like ‘update status’ and ‘activity feed’ directly from the iPhone home screen. 

It is also great for all those iPhone gamers out there. ‘Endless’ possibilities for the games apparently. 

Apple also updated the camera to a full 12 megapixels, a 4 megapixel improvement from previous models. Apple has been notorious from holding off on adding megapixels and instead has focused on other camera improvements like aperture and motion control. The camera was amazing before and now it is even more amazing. Thanks for the great future insta pics, Apple. 

Other updates include a faster processor to handle all the new 3D touches and other general connectively improvements. You can also make “live” photos, which is Apple’s version of a GIF. Leave it to Apple to create yet another file type (not confirmed but I'm just going to assume). 

All prices for the iPhone remain the same as before. 

Pre-orders begin at 12:01am PDT Sept-12 because Apple wants to ruin everyone's Friday night. 

HOT TIP: Do not buy the 16gb model. It will fill up after 2 selfies and you download Snapchat. 

All-in-all, Apple released some amazing new products. The Apple TV and rose gold iPhone are on my hit list and they will be mine. 

I will most likely pass on the iPad pro and Hermes Apple Watch band, but that rose gold iPhone and new TV are all mine. 


Occasionally Motivated

Sometime at the end of last semester, a particularly motivated, spunky, swanky friend gifted me a book entitled The Motivation Manifesto. The book is bound in a nice faux leather jacket adorned with gold print, it looks quite serious. And it kind of is. It contains 9 declarations to claim your personal power, each offering a different lesson. 

It is definitely one of those books that people read the title and think “okay, this is some hippie, creepy universe, we are all connected by some weird power, bull crap”. And that’s totally valid. A few years ago, I would have looked at this book and never opened it. Anything that even resembles self-help in our society is shunned, but a few years ago, I read a few books that changed my mind. 

I was actually a little obsessed with a few of them for a while. Although I have come down from my initial high, the overall themes greatly affected the way I think.  

The three books that have had the greatest impact include: 

and I now add The Motivation Manifesto

Every single one of these books is a little out there and many people will probably think they are crazy. (I’m feeling a tad vulnerable talking about them) But, hopefully if you like me enough to read this post, you will give the idea a shot. 

I read The Secret and The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success first and they are both about harnessing your thoughts. Understanding why you make those day-to-day decisions, why you make the seemingly big decisions, how you got to where you are and eventually where you’re going. 

Let's Visualize 

The Secret is very well-known and MANY people denounce everything that it has to say. And that’s fine. The book is a series of short stories about different peoples’ experiences and a few of them are a tad dramatic, but for the most part they’re good. What most people get from this book is the idea of visualization. The idea is simple, you think about what you want and then you imagine it as a reality and eventually it will happen. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can visualize a red Ferrari in your driveway one night and wake up with said Ferrari the next morning. 

But, it does mean that you can visualize a goal and once you have identified what it is you want, you can make actionable life choices to get there. And most people at this point will say, DUH! Of course that’s how life works! But, the themes in all four of these books highlight what most people miss or fixate on that hinders them from reaching their goals. From weight loss, to an unhappy relationship, to finding the right career, visualizing can help you get out of rut OR keep you moving forward. 

I would also like to point out that visualizing helped me get BOMB parking spots at the University of San Diego every day and anyone who follows me on snapchat can attest to that ;) 

I read The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success next and it expanded on much of what The Secret touched on.  The Secret is very surface level and the other books deep digger into the major themes. 

Each book has their own individual lessons, but the main theme is that your thoughts, energy and day-to-day actions are what influence your overall happiness. And this is where people start to think I’m crazy and nod their head as they slowly step away from me. I have so many thoughts on this and truly hope that you can get beyond the initial uncomfortableness of it and explore it for yourself. 

The Motivation Manifesto

I haven’t told my friend that I’m writing a post about this gift yet because I know for a fact he’s partying in a Parisian club and has to catch a flight before dawn. (He’s going to love that I just shared that)

But regardless, this friend has always embodied what these stories preach. Recently he has gone through an amazing physical transformation and has been documenting his success quite publicly. Something tells me that The Motivation Manifesto pushed him to take control of his life and follow through on his goals. He has many other goals as well, but this is the most obvious at the moment. 

There is something that we all wish we could do. Start a business, lose weight, take over the world, consistently write your damn blog…. and this book is about realizing that those goals are VALID and going after them. Relentlessly. 

My favorite part of this book was the chapter dedicated solely to motivation. The highlight for me was that you have to extinguish the thought that motivation is a fast moving train that you have to catch at the right time. Motivation certainly is a mindset, but YOU create the mindset. It’s ambition and expectancy that breed motivation. 

According to the book, most people have ambitions but lack expectancy. Identify your dreams and goals, then believe that they are tangible. This is how Brendon Burchard, the author of The Motivation Manifesto, believes you can jump on the motivation train.

Everyone loves the motivation quotes that plague Pinterest and Tumblr. You know the ones. The quotes that tell you to follow your dreams and forget what other people think, and I can say with absolute certainty that those quotes derive from books such as these. 

I decided to use my rekindled motivation to commit to writing just one more blog post. (And hopefully, a few more after this!) 

Since graduating, I have obtained employment (YAY) and am now paid to write a blog. In three months, I wrote 22 blog posts, so really I have no legitimate excuse not to write for my own blog.  


I’m feeling very vulnerable right now. It’s one thing to talk about these things, but writing it has been a completely different experience.

I only scraped the surface of what these books have to offer and how they’ve influenced me, but it’s a good start. 

Now, I hope that:

  1. You don't think I am a total psycho and
  2. You pick up one of these four books for yourself. I suggest The Alchemist first. It’s a story about a boy and his sheep, you’ll like it. 



Occasionally Wanderlust: Auckland, New Zealand Edition

When someone asks you to fly to New Zealand for the weekend, and they’re not kidding, how do you say no? My life doesn't always feel like an episode of The Kardashians, but this weekend did. 

So, when Jeff asked me if I wanted to go to New Zealand, I said yes.  With less than 48 hours to prepare, I managed to get out of work, talk my way out of classes, and book shady parking in LA. And SHA BANG! I was suddenly on a 14-hour flight to the South Pacific by Wednesday night.

I left Los Angeles Wednesday night and arrived in Auckland, New Zealand 6am Friday morning. Freaky. New Zealand is 19 hours ahead of Pacific time which actually worked out awesome because it only felt like a 5-hour difference. Crazy Jet-setter stuff. I know. 

After dropping my phone and shattering it after 5 minutes in Auckland, I walked to our hotel, The Sebel. A nice, “trendy”, hotel right on the harbor. The view was decent. (below) 

Auckland New Zealand Harbor

My first impression of Auckland was that it felt like a greener, not so drought-like San Diego. Mild weather, oceanic views, sailboats, touristy restaurants, and a small, but present, downtown area describes both cities accurately. Minus the fact that San Diego doesn’t have a giant Sky Tower in the middle. Someone should look into that. One point for Auckland and their Sky Tower. Auckland also has a large park, called Auckland Domain, with lots of trees, flowers, fountains, and buildings, all very similar to things you would find in San Diego’s Balboa Park. 

We managed to shove many activities into our weekend, here are the highlights: 

  • Took more than 500 pictures.

Picture of Auckland Tower from Auckland Domain


  • While Jeff was working Friday, I walked around downtown Auckland, visited The University of Auckland, and checked out the enormous park, Auckland Domain. The picture above is of The Auckland Tower from the park. 


  • Jeff took me to a marketing networking event. That makes me an international marketer, right? Right! ✓
Hanging out in a Hobbit hole in Hobbiton in New Zealand.
  • On Saturday, we traveled south to Hobbiton, which is the movie set where both The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings series were shot. I am by no means a die hard Hobbit fan, but I fan girled for Hobbiton. The detail put into the set is incredible and feels like a real village. Except that the Hobbit holes are only three feet deep and there aren't hobbits running around.
Jeff selling his goodies at Hobbiton
  • Also, Jeff had a lot of fun pretending he was a little hobbit selling bread. Lol. 
Waterfall in New Zealdn
  • Jeff and I hiked to the base of Wairere Falls. New Zealand offers everything from endless flat plains to mountains and summits, to waterfalls, and volcanos. The volcanic rock that makes up a lot of the island makes it easy for plants and moss to grow and the rainy weather gave everything an emerald glow. Although the waterfall was the main attraction, multiple bridges, scenic rocks, and the flowing river filled the hike with endless picture-perfect moments. 
Ferry ride from Auckland to Wahieke
  • We took a ferry to Wahieke. New Zealand is a collection of Islands, and Wahieke is one of the major ones! It is home to many wineries and other tourist attractions. So of course we went to do our touristy things. 
  • While on Wahieke, we ate at a very chic winery, Cable Bay,  and took in some amazing views while eating half the menu. HOWEVER, I didn't get to try the wine because they would not accept my American ID.  
Zip Line across Wahieke Island
  • We zip-lined across the island at EcoZip Adventures and there were even more.... VIEWS! The zipline course is a combination of three separate zip lines, increasing in speed and length. The last one offers unobstructed views of the Auckland skyline and is higher than the Auckland Harbour Bridge where people often bungee jump from. 
View of Auckland from the Sky Tower
  • The final day we visited the Auckland Sky Tower. Stormy weather meant low visibility, but the aerial views were still prime and the glass floors were terrifying. 

After three days of intense tour-isting (new word), it was time to head back to California. Flight time: 11 hours… thank you, wind. Also, flying over the equator is terribly turbulent… nothing to settle the nerves like a bumpy flight without land in sight. 

Our flight left Auckland Monday afternoon and we arrived Monday morning, just in time for me to drive back to San Diego and make it to class. Woo... 

It was a ridiculous weekend filled with just enough adventure. New Zealand is definitely on my "must-go-back-to" list. 

And that’s the story of my weekend trip to Auckland. Stay tuned for the next adventure and here's one more cute picture of us hugging a Kauri Tree for good luck. :) 

Thanks for an incredible trip, Jeffrey. <3

Hugging a Kauri Tree for good luck

Occasionally a Cheerleader

Once upon a time, I was more than occasionally a cheerleader. It has been almost three complete seasons since I competed in that glorious, glittery uniform, but we all know it’s impossible to completely escape the cheer world. As the past three seasons have come and gone, I have become farther removed from the cheer world. The early competition season months, September - December(ish), are fairly easy to “ignore” (for lack of a better term), but, when NCA season comes around, the memories come flooding back and the tweets and #tbt Instagrams are incessant. 

NCA is unlike any other competition. It is a huge production that can be invigorating, scary, heartbreaking, dream-fulfilling, and rewarding. The weeks leading up to NCA weekend are preceded by endless practices, countless stories about the “NCA Curse” or the intense fish bowl feeling of the main stage, and those intense lights! SO BRIGHT!

There are hundreds of teams competing for a handful of ridiculously large trophies, talk about a blood bath! (Or maybe a glitter bath). I only competed at NCA twice, but competing just once can teach you something valuable about hard work and not getting what you want. Losing isn’t failing and that is so apparent at high caliber competitions such as NCA. 

My first year as an NCA competitor, I cheered for Ultimate Athletics Prodigy. We were the underdog BY FAR, but we were a team with heart, passion, attitude, and some shiny white uniforms. I remember going through the motions of warmups in that massive backroom with some of the biggest and baddest teams in the industry beside us. It’s an electric feeling, warmups at large nationals usually are, but NCA lives up to its hype. There are just SO MANY PEOPLE. Prodigy had big NCA National Champion dreams and unfortunately we went home in the bottom half of our division with a very injured teammate. She split her elbow into pieces during the first 30 seconds of our Day 1 performance… not fun. Things did not go as planned, but it was okay. (I’ll explain in a moment) 

My second year as an NCA competitor was for the world-renowned California All Stars Cali Coed. Competing with an infamous team was a slightly different experience… everyone was watching you… practice, warmups, and of course during performances. There was a lot of pressure, a legacy to protect, a National Championship that was expected to be obtained. But, if there is one thing California All Stars knows how to do, it’s how to prepare their athletes for competition. Both physically and emotionally, every member of the program had been pushed to their limits in the “hell weeks” that preceded NCA weekend. Our beloved coach, Jeff McQueen, could inspire a rock to do a standing tuck if he wanted, and that’s the type of person you want cheering you on in that arena. By the time we headed to Dallas, we were ready. 

At this point in the season, Cali Coed was doing full outs in the warmup room, unheard of, but what normalcy actually exists at California All Stars… (very little). We went through warmups and everything went as planned. The wait between the end of warmups and performance can be treacherous, especially at NCA where nothing has ever run on time…ever. The jitters and nervousness comes in waves and before stepping on that performance floor, my heart was in my throat. You can prepare for that moment all season, but actually experiencing it is completely different. 

Walking into the arena and onto that competition floor is an awesomely bizarre feeling, the crowd is an entire story above you and making out faces is nearly impossible. But, you will certainly hear the yelling. It’s like being famous! Or a goldfish! 

I dropped my stunt to the ground Day 1 while I was on Cali Coed. That was rough. We hit a nearly flawless routine Day 2 and went home in third place, discouraged to say the least. But, the experience taught us that even through insane preparation, execution is really all that matters. 

Both years, the motivation to WIN was what carried us through endless practices, pained bodies, and 3 million 8-counts. I think some people would argue that this is delusional because in reality, only one team is actually going to win your division. Statistically speaking, the odds are not in your favor, no matter what team you’re on. So many things have to go perfectly right at the exact same time for you to go home as an NCA Champion. Sounds disheartening. 

But, that’s what makes the cheerleading industry so great. Cheerleaders know what they’re doing is insane and ridiculous (and if you don’t think it’s amazing, I have some Youtube videos to educate you). As a cheerleader, you know what’s at stake and how good the other teams are, but instead of being discouraged, there is a love for this sport that perpetuates everything that is good about fierce competition. The best of the best pushing each other to new levels.

You may not win this weekend, you might make a mistake, and a dream may never become a reality. But, you could win, you could be flawless, and all your dreams could come true. And that’s what it’s all about. 

A couple of years ago, NCA started using the phrase #TheWorkIsWorthIt, and I’m telling you as a retired cheerleader, three years out of the game, the work WAS worth it, the work will ALWAYS be worth it, regardless of your final placement. Everyone will not win a trophy, but everyone has the opportunity to put their hard work out on that mat and do something truly amazing. These dreams and lessons will follow you, so put your best foot forward. 

Now go out there, be beautiful, chase your dreams and enjoy this experience for everything that it is. 


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Occasionally a College Student

Occasionally, I’m a college student and last Monday, my final semester as a University of San Diego undergrad began. The beginning of the end if you will. For me, there’s always this weird “I might be dying, but I’m REALLY excited” feeling coming from the pit of my stomach when an important or monumental part of life is coming to an end. It’s scary but awesome and I’m in a biology 100 level class so REALLY there’s a lot going for me right now.

Over the course of my college career, many people have offered their 2-cents on how college is supposed to be before, during, and after. So, I will now take this time to reflect on the things people love to tell you while you're in college about college ending. I also included my all time favorite question at the end. 

1. “College is the best time of your life! Enjoy it before the rest of your life sucks!”

    Okay, no. You’re also the same person (or persons) who told me high school was going to be the best time of my life and by the looks of it, YOU ARE WRONG. I will agree that there is nothing quite like the high school or college experience, but I assure you my life will continue to be fabulous long after college graduation. *flips hair* 

2. Enjoy college because after graduation you have to enter the REAL WORLD! 

    Okay, 98% sure I live in the real world, because the University of San Diego is not located on Mars. Yes, I realize living on the beach and going to a school that could be mistaken for a country club is not exactly “reality”, BUT it is indeed MY (OUR, maybe YOUR depending on who are) reality. Living in Southern California isn’t the “real world” in general, and there are plenty of people here so bye, argument invalid! But seriously, most of us have jobs and internships and pay for our own beer so feels pretty real to me! *beer clinking emoji*

3. You should focus on being in college and not rush things, you will “regret” it. 

    This has been said to me at several different times in my college career by various different people in one way or another. In general, I’m not very good at doing one thing or being apart of one group. I like activities and to be stressed out. Freshman year I was a cheerleader outside of USD and was never around campus and the other three years I worked at a tanning salon and various start up companies as an intern. And sometimes those things weren’t “college” and I don’t like to spend a lot of time on campus and I’m a psycho about my impending career, but it’s floating my boat and I’m sailing away from you. 

4. You should really be focusing on your resume, do you know what you’re doing with your life, do you have a job after graduation, etc, etc, etc….? 

    Please stop talking to me. 

Fan Favorite: 

5. Are you moving back to Chicago after graduation?!


Woah, that was incredibly sassy. And I will admit that I appreciate much of the advice given to me about said college experience. This is a crazy time in life where the legitimate struggles in my/our life include finding a job post graduation, figuring out where we are going to spend Taco Tuesday, AND wondering why that b*!&# unfollowed me on Instagram. And I know, our problems aren't really problems and I’m just filled with rainbows and butterflies about finishing up one last crazy semester as a TORERO! And, of course, convincing employers that I am a worthy human being of getting paid to do shit. 

*(Dear employers, I am a worthy human capable of doing things really well)*

SO! Whether you are a first semester college student, or a super senior finishing your third last semester of college, or you graduated long ago, or college wasn’t your thing, or you’re 12… I will sum this up by saying… College (until this point) has been awesome and the (my) last semester is poised to be one worthy of chronicling on an internet blog (and my Instagram… follow me @agaggioli)….. XOXO 


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