Occasionally the Beginning

Occasionally, I’m inspired to do something different. To try something new or do something better. Being a child of the internet is a blessing and a curse. My ever-so-connected self is constantly in tune to what some of the most interesting people on the planet are up to. How can I not compare myself to them and not be a tad jealous? Or envious? Or yearn for such a glamorous or interesting lifestyle? Usually more interesting than glamorous to be honest. I’m not referring to The Kardashians or Paris Hilton; I'm referring to everyday people like Tyler Oakley (youtuber) and the hundreds of photo bloggers I follow on Instagram who document their adventures in an incredibly interesting way. 

I know it’s not ideal to compare your “behind the scenes” to others’ “highlight reels”, but that is exactly what I am doing. I’m inspired by people who have created interesting lives for themselves through the internet. Whether they’re entrepreneurs or Youtubers, photo bloggers or foodies, there are some awesome people out there. The internet and social media make it easy to peer into the lives of people from around the globe teaching us that living out your dreams isn’t always as difficult as it seems. Although it’s incredibly hard work, it’s far from impossible.

This will be my *COUGH* third attempt at creating a blog, but HEY third time’s the charm, and I have a PLAN. I believe my other two blog attempts were plagued by my belief that I had to have a solid focus of sorts. The plagued belief turned out to be true. Focus is everything, that’s what they teach us in the fancy college courses (especially marketing). So, I will focus by using ambiguous, flexible language like occasionally. I like to think of myself as an eclectic soul with a passion for living a positive life. 

So, there’s the focus: positively eclectic. Each post will be entitled “Occasionally *Insert subject*. 

  • Occasionally a student. 
  • Occasionally a photographer. 
  • Occasionally an international pop sensation… 

You get the idea. 

The next 6 months of my life are going to be insane. And exciting. And endless possibilities are on the horizon. Come May, I will graduate from the University of San Diego, and I don’t know what city, state, or country I am going to live in or what job I will be doing or the places I’ll go or the people I’ll meet. And that excites me. A lot. A LOT. A LOT. 

So here is my commitment to doing something different. Living the dream, my dream, the way I always intended but never planned. Occasionally Alex.