Occasionally a College Student

Occasionally, I’m a college student and last Monday, my final semester as a University of San Diego undergrad began. The beginning of the end if you will. For me, there’s always this weird “I might be dying, but I’m REALLY excited” feeling coming from the pit of my stomach when an important or monumental part of life is coming to an end. It’s scary but awesome and I’m in a biology 100 level class so REALLY there’s a lot going for me right now.

Over the course of my college career, many people have offered their 2-cents on how college is supposed to be before, during, and after. So, I will now take this time to reflect on the things people love to tell you while you're in college about college ending. I also included my all time favorite question at the end. 

1. “College is the best time of your life! Enjoy it before the rest of your life sucks!”

    Okay, no. You’re also the same person (or persons) who told me high school was going to be the best time of my life and by the looks of it, YOU ARE WRONG. I will agree that there is nothing quite like the high school or college experience, but I assure you my life will continue to be fabulous long after college graduation. *flips hair* 

2. Enjoy college because after graduation you have to enter the REAL WORLD! 

    Okay, 98% sure I live in the real world, because the University of San Diego is not located on Mars. Yes, I realize living on the beach and going to a school that could be mistaken for a country club is not exactly “reality”, BUT it is indeed MY (OUR, maybe YOUR depending on who are) reality. Living in Southern California isn’t the “real world” in general, and there are plenty of people here so bye, argument invalid! But seriously, most of us have jobs and internships and pay for our own beer so feels pretty real to me! *beer clinking emoji*

3. You should focus on being in college and not rush things, you will “regret” it. 

    This has been said to me at several different times in my college career by various different people in one way or another. In general, I’m not very good at doing one thing or being apart of one group. I like activities and to be stressed out. Freshman year I was a cheerleader outside of USD and was never around campus and the other three years I worked at a tanning salon and various start up companies as an intern. And sometimes those things weren’t “college” and I don’t like to spend a lot of time on campus and I’m a psycho about my impending career, but it’s floating my boat and I’m sailing away from you. 

4. You should really be focusing on your resume, do you know what you’re doing with your life, do you have a job after graduation, etc, etc, etc….? 

    Please stop talking to me. 

Fan Favorite: 

5. Are you moving back to Chicago after graduation?!


Woah, that was incredibly sassy. And I will admit that I appreciate much of the advice given to me about said college experience. This is a crazy time in life where the legitimate struggles in my/our life include finding a job post graduation, figuring out where we are going to spend Taco Tuesday, AND wondering why that b*!&# unfollowed me on Instagram. And I know, our problems aren't really problems and I’m just filled with rainbows and butterflies about finishing up one last crazy semester as a TORERO! And, of course, convincing employers that I am a worthy human being of getting paid to do shit. 

*(Dear employers, I am a worthy human capable of doing things really well)*

SO! Whether you are a first semester college student, or a super senior finishing your third last semester of college, or you graduated long ago, or college wasn’t your thing, or you’re 12… I will sum this up by saying… College (until this point) has been awesome and the (my) last semester is poised to be one worthy of chronicling on an internet blog (and my Instagram… follow me @agaggioli)….. XOXO 


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